They have tinned macaroni and cheese here.

I know what you’re thinking: AWESOME.  Because that’s what I was thinking too when I found it for a buck in Crazy Clark’s Discount Variety Store.

Seeing the tin made me aware of a problem I previously wasn’t even aware I had: sometimes I want a bit of mac n’ cheese, but the Herculean task of making it is just too tall an order.  At last!  An solution!  No longer will tens of minutes be wasted in the kitchen just for a pot of gold!  The tin proudly proclaimed that all I needed to do was “Heat it, and Eat it!”

As it turns out, Heinz “Macaroni and Cheese Sauce” in a tin is not awesome.  Heed my warning… Like many things that appear too good to be true, it is.

I guess something was lost in the tinning process.  Or maybe something was added (I’m looking at you, Maize Thickening Agent 1422).  In any case, the resulting slop was totally unpalatable.  Sure, I saved about 11 minutes of prep time, but it tasted like foul milk from a demon teat.  

I probably shouldn’t have eaten all of it.